Mathew Morris - Finding Grey Friars

Venue: York House, London Road, Stony StratfordYork House, London Road, Stony Stratford
Date: 28 Apr 2018
Time: 14:00 to - 16:30

Mathew Morris MA BA AIFA graduated from the University of Leicester in 2003 and has since worked for ULAS where he has participated in a series of major urban excavations in Leicester including the Highcross Project. Mathew was also the Site Director on the Grey Friars Dig in Leicester which famously discovered the final resting place of Richard III. This talk will focus on the second part of the dig which unearthed the lead tomb which contained a stone coffin. Expecting a medieval knight or a leading Franciscan, the team were surprised to find a high status medieval lady. Who was she?

Limited spaces available and must be pre-booked – Cost £5.00 - Doors open 2pm. Tea and cake afterwards.

Please contact Jeanette Melbourne – Tel: 07957 157273, Email:

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