Watercolour Workshop with Artist Nicky Hunter - August

Date: 26 Aug 2021

Looking forward to a relaunch of local watercolour painting classes with Artist Nicky Hunter

watercolour landscape of rolling hay fields by artist Nicky HunterThere is an air of optimism that we are turning a corner and I can soon look forward to sharing my new skills and knowledge from my latest art training with my students at watercolour classes in Stony Stratford, Wolverton Old School and Westbury Art Centre.

I found myself highly motivated through the lockdown taking a break from teaching to work intensively one to one with a very experienced well known artist I had admired for many years, nurturing my own fine art knowledge and skills.

Although Ive stayed connected with my students, sharing photos off artworks in progress and painting demos on my newly launched youtube channel Im raring to see my loyal students again in person. 

Now more than ever art has been a real comfort to many, people are rekindling  creative skills and pass times and looking for ways to safely enjoy this and join local groups and connect with friends and communities again whilst travel abroad and other pleasures will be restricted for the foreseeable.

My contemporary impressionistic artworks are inspired by nature and  ignited by colour. They are often floral based and have a distinctive radiance and have been sold through local galleries. Painting and illustrating florals developed over 20 years designing printed and embroidered patterns for international fashion houses and brands. Working in the magical medium of watercolour is a real passion and a joy to explore and develop, I enjoy sharing theses creative skills and knowledge with my students.

The watercolour workshops have a regular following of students of mixed abilities who attend each month. A friendly and encouraging atmosphere makes it an ideal space to connect and create. They take place on a Thursday afternoon monthly, the next one is 26th August. Please contact me for details: nickyred@gmail.com or call 07899 942944, or even visit me in my studio at Westbury Arts Centre to see my artwork and the sort of art we create in workshops. My studio is open 12th-27th June for Bucks Arts Weeks Event. Visit me and many other artists who form part of The Artist Collective @Westbury. A lovely local trip to characterful and inspiring location with 1 way system and other measurements to keep you covid safe.Check the website for details to see which artists are open on which day. 



Please also take a look at my website: https://www.nickyhunterart.com/


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