Stony In Bloom Themed Ebru Workshop

Venue: York House Centre, London Road, Stony Stratford MK11 1JQYork House Centre, London Road, Stony Stratford MK11 1JQ
Date: 28 Jun 2019
Time: 10:30 to - 16:30

Ebru Workshop with Hayrettin Kozanoglu - Theme - ‘Stony in Bloom’.

Maximum number of students: 14

Duration: 150 minutes

Skill level: suits all 

Two sessions are available: 10:30/1pm (up to 7 people) and 2:00/4:30pm (up to 7 people)

Stony blooming with ebru art. Enjoy the relaxing art of paper marbling. 

Ebru is a way to create art on water. Watch as the colours drip onto the tray and how they are magically transferred to paper to make a wonderful vision.

Ebru Art is performed using aqueous natural pigments mixed with ox-gall in a rectangular trough filled with thickened water, traditionally prepared using gum-tragacanth. Colours are sprinkled using brushes made of rose stalks and horsehair on the surface of the thickened water in the trough. The floating pattern is reproduced on paper after being reshaped and retouched using pins, needles and combs. 

Ebru shares a sense of patience, calmness and harmony.

Regardless of skill level, or the intentions of the artist, Ebru is a deeply personal journey with the artist, materials, movement and time. Ebru is more than just an art form, it is the gathered knowledge, history and mysticism of a deep artistic and cultural journey.

About Hayrettin:

Hayrettin is a London based Ebru Artist and workshop leader who offers workshops and courses to people interested in this fantastic skill. His artistic journey began in 2000 when between 2000-2007 Kozano?lu worked with artist Ahmet Gune?tekin in his Istanbul studio and involved in many art projects and exhibitions. During this time he studied Art management at Yildiz Teknik University, Istanbul (2004-2007). In 2009, he took his first lesson in Ebru art from Nesrin Bilsel in Istanbul. After this he continued to improve his skills and create his own style alongside developing his traditional techniques. In 2011, he opened his first studio in London. Hayrettin has worked in collaboration in a wide range of art and creative medias with communities, schools and he is also involved in a variety of art projects around the world.

Participants will be able to take the pieces they make home. 

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