Old Stratford Pre-School Easter Egg Hunt

Venue: All around Old Stratford All around Old Stratford
Date: 27 Mar 2021 - 05 Apr 2021

Old Stratford Pre-School Easter Egg Hunt poster giving details of the eventWe would like you to join us on an Easter Egg hunt. The last 12 months have seen Windows decorated in a myriad of different ways to celebrate events, seasons and people! As we edge closer out of lockdown, join us in what will hopefully be the last virtual event.

There are lots of ways to get involved:
- For a small donation (which goes directly to the PreSchool), you can be sent an image to colour in and display in your window. Or, you can draw your own!
- to enter the Best Picture competition, simply take a photo of your picture and post it to the Old Stratford PreSchool page
- all pictures generated by the preschool will have hidden words on them - can you find them all? 

For full details please visit the Old Stratford Pre-School Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Old-Stratford-Pre-School-137609916307695/

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