Menopause Workshops

Venue: Rowans Family Centre, 13A Moorfoot, Fullers SladeRowans Family Centre, 13A Moorfoot, Fullers Slade
Date: 13 Sep 2023 - 04 Oct 2023
Time: 13:30

poster advertising menopause workshops in fullers sladeJoin Ailsa at the Rowans Family Centre for 4 FREE workshops on Menopause. In the first Olive Chats Menopause it will going back to basics and helping you understand how hormones affect the body, the 3 stages of menopause, when you can start to see changes in how you feel and help you get to grips with the 40+ symptoms that are linked to menopause. It will be a relaxed chat, in a safe space, over a cup of tea, where you can get to know more about your body.

This subject has been silent for so long that thee are lots of myths surrounding it, and we will be talking about menopause for all multi-cultural women. Did you know that BAME women can suffer with more severe symptoms especially hot flushes and sleep issues?! Come and find out why and what can help! 

To book your Free place please follow the link to @olive-collective Facebook page below.


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