Friends of Stony Stratford Library: The Life and Legacy of Paul Robeson

Venue: Stony Stratford Library, 5-7 Church Street, Stony Stratford MK11 1BDStony Stratford Library, 5-7 Church Street, Stony Stratford MK11 1BD
Date: 25 May 2022
Time: 19:00

A two-part talk on "The Life and Legacy of Paul Robeson" by Joe Laredo, will take place on:
Tuesday 25th May - Part One, and Thursday 16th June - Part Two

Our guest speaker this time is a well known face, Joe Laredo, who has entertained and enlightened us several times recently with his presentations on a range of fascinating people. This next talk is no exception. Here is what Joe says about his subject:

"Had Martin Luther King not been assassinated at the age of 39, it would probably be Paul Robeson's name that came to mind whenever the Black Civil Rights Movement was mentioned. As well as being a world-famous singer and actor and one of the greatest American football players of his generation, Robeson was a fearless activist on behalf not only of blacks but also of working people worldwide. Larger than life in more ways than one, Robeson was one of the 20th century's great people. With the help of local man Arnold Best, Joe Laredo celebrates Robeson's life and legacy in two talks, Part 1 covering the first 40 years of his eventful and controversial life."

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