FoSSL Talk: Traces of Blood - Real Stories of Serial Killers

Venue: Stony Stratford Library, 5-7 Church Street, Stony Stratford MK11 1BDStony Stratford Library, 5-7 Church Street, Stony Stratford MK11 1BD
Date: 01 Apr 2023
Time: 14:00

poster advertising friends of stony stratford library talk traces of bloodThe next FoSSL (Friends of Stony Stratford Library) talk will be "Traces of Blood. Real Stories of Serial Killers" by Gabriell Monro, on Saturday 1st April, in Stony Stratford Library at 2pm. As usual it will be followed by tea, coffee, wine, soft drinks and delicious home made cakes.

Gabriell Monro is a well-known International Crime Writer, with bestsellers translated into 17 languages all over the world. She is the Author of the famous trilogy about most notorious serial killers “Traces of Blood”. She graduated from Oxford and worked as a Forensic Consultant Psychiatrist in highly secure prisons with the most notorious serial killers. Her work is highly recognised by US and UK leading detectives.The Author takes an active part in charities, which are involved in investigations of “cold cases”, which were closed many years ago due to the lack of evidence from the crime scenes.

Gabriell Monro is the only Author who met with serial killers in reality and interviewed them while working in the secure prison service. Her books are unique as she spoke with serial killers after their sentences about the secrets of their crime and their motives to commit the most brutal murders.
Gabriell will talk about how she came to write her books, and here’s her description of them: 

“Following numerous requests from her readers, the new crime trilogy “Traces of Blood. Real stories of serial killers” is published now. It’s an international bestseller, which is translated into 17 languages in different countries. All 3 books from this trilogy are available on Amazon and Kindle as well as in Libraries.

All stories from the highly secure UK prison are real. The book is written by the Forensic Psychiatrist who worked in the most notorious UK prisons. Each of us can meet up with a minimum of 35-36 serial killers during our life. You can pass them or live next to them without even knowing it. This trilogy will teach you how to recognize them and maybe even help you to save your life one day. You will learn about the secrets of the killers, which they still keep with them behind prison bars. The names of the prisoners have been changed where it was necessary.
Which colours do serial killers prefer and why are they attracted by them? And which were some of their victims wearing? What’s left behind in the most terrible “cold cases” and why are some of the serial killers still active in the UK?
The book has had high recognition from the leading US and UK detectives, who worked on similar cases of notorious killers.”

Tickets will be available from the Library - either in person, or calling 01908 562562 - from Tuesday 7th March. 

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