Public Conveniences

public toilets building on Silver Street showing outside of building with flower basketsUpdate on refurbishment of Stony Stratford Public Conveniences, Silver Street

The transformation of the Public Conveniences is almost complete!  As you might already be aware, Stony Stratford Town Council agreed, (as the contract with Healthmatic had come to an end, after 15 years and the fully automatic unit had started to fail), to convert the Fully Automatic Toilet units to Semi-Automatic units.  This basically means that the toilets will now have manually opening doors and an automated handwash and dryer unit.  The conversion has taken slightly longer than envisaged due to Covid-19 (resulting in supply chain and contractor issues).  It is envisaged that the toilets will be opening by the end of November at the latest!  

Important Coronavirus Update: All maintenance of the public toilets will continue, therefore we are able to keep the public toilets open for the time being. Toilets will only be closed if absolutely necessary. We will update you if the situation should change. 

The Town Council is responsible for the public conveniences located on Silver Street in the town. The automated facilities are accessed either by using a 20p coin or by the use of a RADAR key. To obtain a RADAR key please call MK CIL on 01908 231344 or email

Click here to view a map of the town which also shows the public toilets and parking facilities. 

5* Toilets! Our toilets were entered into the 'Loo of the Year' 2009 competition and received a five star rating.