We understand that during the warmer months litter may become an issue, particularly in the Millfield and Tombs Meadow area. Here are the things that the Town Council are doing to help with this problem: 

More frequent litter bin empties
Some of the litter bins in Tombs Meadow, Millfield and along the riverbank are owned by Stony Stratford Town Council and some of the bins are owned by Milton Keynes Council.  

Stony Stratford Town Council own two litter bins near the river. These are: 1) the litter bin near the bridge off Ousebank Way, and 2) a litter bin at Mortimer Park. In the wintertime these two bins get emptied once a week, but in the summertime, we double that, so they get emptied twice a week. This year we will start emptying these litter bins twice a week from 1st April, which is earlier than usual. The litter bins on Tombs Meadow and Millfield belong to Milton Keynes Council, so we can’t empty those ourselves. We are currently looking into the possibility of paying for Milton Keynes Council to empty their bins more often and will provide an update as soon as we have any news.

Anybody can tell Milton Keynes Council that their bins are full and need emptying. You can do this by going on to their website and reporting it via the 'Report It' button on their homepage: Someone from Milton Keynes Council will then come and empty the bin.

Signage on the bins
There are signs on the Stony Stratford Town Council dog bins that say, “Dog Waste Only” and “Not for litter,” but some people ignore this.We are also planning to put signs on the Stony Stratford Town Council litter bins that say, “If the bin is full, please take your rubbish home.” We are working with Milton Keynes Council on this as they already have signs like these on some of their bins.

Litter Reduction Enforcement Officer & On the spot fines
This year we have employed a Litter Enforcement Officer to reduce the amount of litter dropped around the parish during warmer months. The Enforcement Officer will issue on the spot fines to people who are found to be dropping litter. This is the first year we have done this and we hope it makes a difference. Litter is anything from a takeaway coffee cup to bottles and takeaway boxes piled up against a bin. If the bin is full, or there is no bin around, we kindly ask people using the area to take it home.

Litter on The Parks Trust land: The Millfield 
Regarding the litter within the Millfield, The Parks Trust term contractor C.G.M litter picks the site all year round, weekly on a Monday, including bank holidays. Whilst The Parks Trust community rangers are not employed as litter pickers, they do “pick” on an ad hock basis, should they be in the area. They also have day works gangs to fall back on should the need arise. In areas where the Parks Trust have bins, an eye is kept on these and bags changed as necessary. 

Litter picking
There are lots of people who litter pick in Tombs Meadow, the Millfield and along the riverside. The Town Council is very grateful to anyone going to the effort to help keep our beautiful town tidy and would like to acknowledge the following: 

The Parks Trust
The Parks Trust are responsible for looking after Tombs Meadow and the Millfield. They litter pick at least once a week in the summer, when the litter is usually at its worst. Please see: for further details and information. 
Milton Keynes Council
Stony Stratford Town Council ask Milton Keynes Council to come and litter pick along the riverside every summer. 
Local people who volunteer
We are lucky enough to have very good people living in Stony Stratford who regularly collect litter in Tombs Meadow, the Millfield and along the riverbank. Stony Stratford Town Council don’t ask them to do this, they do it because they want to, and like to help.

Litter Picking in Fullers Slade 
Fullers Slade Residents Association organise regular litter picking days to keep the green areas of Fullers Slade clean and tidy for all. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for details of their next litter pick:  

Galley Hill Residents Association: Tidying up on Galley Hill
In usual times, every couple of months, the Resident's Association on Galley Hill would organise a Sunday morning litter pick. However, for obvious reasons those types of activities have been suspended. So, the GHRA decided to buy extra litter pickers and give them away free to residents who would like them. Some residents have already been out on their own using them, but the GHRA still have a few of them left to give away to anyone who would like them, please contact: So, when organised litter picks resume, hopefully sometime this year, residents will be equipped and ready.     

Anybody who wants to borrow the litter-picking kits from Stony Stratford Town Council
The Town Council has ten grabbing sticks, gloves and bright yellow jackets that people can borrow, for free. We are also planning to get some more. If you are interested in borrowing the litter-picking kits please contact the Deputy Town Clerk on:

We understand that litter can be a major issue, especially in the summer months. The Town Council are committed to tackling the rubbish, so it never stays around for very long.

Poster calling for litter picking volunteers in Stony Stratford