Landscape Maintenance and Associated Services

Landscape Maintenance and Associated Services - How To Contact Us

Wolverton Road recreation ground showing play equipment and children playing on it IMPORTANT CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Serco have asked us to bear with them during these uncertain times. They are trying to fufill the contract to the best of their ability under the circumstances.  

18th June 2020 - Please note re: epicormic growth: The Town Council is aware that there is currently a lot of branch and leaf growth at the base of trees around the parish. This is called epicormic growth, and it particularly occurs with lime trees around this time of year. Unfortunately it can reduce space for pedestrians on pavements and pathways. To address this, our landscape contractors have started a programme of pruning, which should be competed within the next few weeks. 

In July 2013, all town and parish councils in the borough were approached by Milton Keynes Council with an offer to take over grass cutting, shrub and low level tree maintenance. After due consideration including a financial appraisal of the offer made, the Town Council decided that it would accept the offer as it felt that local control of these services would ensure that the present service would be improved and some areas of planting could be regenerated with the funds offered.

SERCO have been awarded the current contract with Stony Stratford Town Council.

This contract provides services on estates, our open spaces and play areas. The Parks Trust are still be responsible for the maintenance of their portfolio of land, notably around the riverside adjacent to grid roads and MKC will still be responsible for mowing of grass verges on grid roads and Queen Eleanor St.

To report comments/queries/complaints about the landscaping works, please contact the Town Council using email address Alternatively, please phone the Town Council office on: 01908 566726.

If you would like to check if the area is part of the SSTC landscaping contract, please use the link, enter the postcode and tick Landscape – Maintained General. 

If you would like to check when the grass cutting is next scheduled for your area please click here

Issues with trees should be directed to either Stony Stratford Town Council or Milton Keynes Council, depending on the issue. Stony Stratford Town Council can address low hanging tree branches up to 5m high above a road, up to 2m high above a footpath and up to 3m above a redway or bridleway. Please email Any issues above these heights should be referred to Milton Keynes Council. Similarly, dangerous or fallen trees should be referred to Milton Keynes Council. To report epicormic growth around the base of a tree in the parish, please email the Town Council at the ‘landscapes’ address given.

Milton Keynes Council information about tree maintenance can be found here.  


Hedgerow maintenance is restricted by the law during nesting season. Therefore if a hedgerow is believed to be the home to nesting birds, we will be unable to carry out works until the birds have vacated. 

How we manage our hedgerows
Landscape hedges were never designed to act as a security or privacy barrier but were planted to soften the built environment, or retained as former field boundary features pre-dating the development of Milton Keynes. Hedges are living, ever-changing organisms and consequently do not have the static qualities, such as those of a fence, required for security or privacy. Park & Open Space hedges are managed as part of Milton Keynes Councils' landscape asset and are cut on a cyclical basis.

Private Hedges
For information on private hedges and for advice on any issues you may have please refer to: