Dog Bins

red dog bin with dog bin sticker on with dog sitting by the side of itStony Stratford Town Council provides 33 dog waste bins around the parish. They are emptied every week on a Monday and Thursday. Please use them.

To see a map to show where the dog bins are located please click here. Please note that the Town Council also have 5 litter bins which are also shown on the map - Milton Keynes Council are responsible for all other litter bins.   

If you would like to suggest a suitable location for an additional dog bin please contact Town Council at

Please note that you are also able to dispose of dog waste in the normal rubbish bins located in our area - please note that the waste should be appropriately bagged before doing so.

The Stony Stratford Town Council dog bins are emptied twice a week. If you think a bin belonging to Stony Stratford Council has not been emptied for more than a week, then please contact the Town Council offices to let us know. The dog bins are emptied on Mondays and Thursdays (this may be subject to change when there is a bank holiday).