Dog Bins

red dog bin with dog bin sticker on with dog sitting by the side of itImportant Coronavirus Update: Our contractor will still be carrying out essential services on our behalf, so all dog bins will continue to be emptied. We will update you if this situation should change.   

Please note that due to the recent flooding in Stony Stratford (23rd December 2020) we were unable to empty a number of our dog bins. May we apologise for any inconvenience - we are delighted to confirm that normal service has now been resumed.  

Stony Stratford Town Council provides 25 dog waste bins around the parish. They are emptied every week on a Monday and Thursday. Please use them.

The dog bin locations are as follows:

1. Wolverton Rd, near allotments path, opposite Ancell
2. Footbridge from Ousebank Way to Mill field
3. Calverton Rd south end, car park
4. Toombs Meadow (relocated from Fegans Court)
5. Slade Lane on redway opposite Woolmans entrance
6.Galley Hill redway between Creslow Court and Cottesloe Court
7. Mill Lane entrance to Millfields
8. Wolverton Rd Rec at Ryelands entrance
9. Redway running thro Calverton End park
10. Hastings end of Mallets Close Rec
11. Nature Reserve Car Park off Queen Eleanor St
12. Junction of Hale Ave and London Rd
13. On redway adjacent Mursley and Manshead Crts, Galley Hill
14. On redway adj Galley Hill QES Bus Stop
15. Adjacent footbridge Fullers Slade to Greenleys
16. At entrance of car park to Ouse Valley, off Queen Eleanor St (across the road from Toombs Meadow) before you cross Old Stratford bridge
17. Footpath off of Queen Eleanor Street (near the junction of the Stony Stratford Roundabout).
18. Footpath off of Queen Eleanor Street nr. Essendon Court

If you would like to suggest a suitable location for an additional dog bin please contact Town Council at

Please note that you are also able to dispose of dog waste in the normal rubbish bins located in our area - please note that the waste should be appropriately bagged before doing so.

The Stony Stratford Town Council dog bins are emptied twice a week. If you think a bin belonging to Stony Stratford Council has not been emptied for more than a week, then please contact the Town Council offices to let us know. The dog bins are emptied on Mondays and Thursdays (this may be subject to change when there is a bank holiday). 

Please see the map below showing dog bin locations:

Map of Stony Stratford, Fullers Slade and Galley Hill showing the location of all of the Town Council dog bins