Proposed Traffic Order to Introduce 40mph Speed Limit to H1 Ridgeway

Thu 15 Sep 2022 - posted by Melanie Hyde


Please be advised that Milton Keynes Council is proposing to make the following Traffic Regulation Order: Milton Keynes City Council (H1 Ridgeway, Milton Keynes) (40 mph Speed Restriction) Order 2022.

The general effect of the above proposed Order will be to introduce a 40mph speed along the following lengths of H1 Ridgeway in Milton Keynes:
From its junction with the south-west side of Galley Hill Roundabout to its junction with Tudor Gardens, Calverton, a distance of 190 metres.
From its junction with the north-east side of Galley Hill Roundabout, for a distance of 270 metres in a north-easterly direction.

The proposed 40mph speed limit comes as a result of the need to unify with the 40mph speed restriction on V4 Watling Street.As the Highway Authority for H1 Ridgeway, Milton Keynes City Council is satisfied that the introduction of the above proposed speed restriction will encourage the convenient and safe movement of vehicular traffic. Statutory consultation will commence on 15th September 2022. You are invited to comment on the proposals on Milton Keynes Council's website: The closing date for the statutory consultation is Thursday 6th October 2022.  


Please find below a copy of the ‘Notice of Proposal':
public notice to propose a 40mph speed limit on h1 ridgeway
Click here to see the proposed Traffic Regulation Order and the Councils Statement of Reasons for your information.