A Call for Help for Stony Stratford Harvest Show

Wed 30 Mar 2022 - posted by Melanie Hyde
A Call for Help for Stony Stratford Harvest Show


The local horticultural show which has been known as the Stony Stratford Harvest Show has been held on the first Saturday in September since 1996 and has become a popular community event.

In order for it to continue to take place new people will be needed to organise and run it.  It has always been run on “Village Show” lines and that has been part of its charm but new organisers could easily put their own direction on it and it could evolve and grow in different ways.

There are prize trophies that have been donated by local people and businesses as well as display flower vases and funds to finance the running of the next show.

Some of the existing organisers would be willing to lend expertise and help, or stay away completely depending on the vision of new organisers.

Please contact Gillian Thompson on maslinthompson@gmail.com or 07530 580669 if you would be interested in becoming involved in the show.