Due to Environment Agency union members taking industrial action we have put contingency plans in place to maintain critical operations, including responding to flooding and other serious incidents. 

As a result, flood alerts and warnings for communities and partners will be automated during periods of industrial action. This will mean we can continue to warn and inform partners and communities if we should not have enough duty officers to issue warnings.

We will use existing flood warning and forecasting systems to automatically send standardised flood warning message content for all existing coastal and fluvial flood warnings when required during periods of industrial action.  This is a temporary solution to mitigate the risk to the public during periods of industrial action.

At present Flood Warning Automation is switched on until 09:00 Monday 26th December. It will then be switched on again at 17:00 Wednesday 28th December and off at 09:00 Friday 6th January. These timings are subject to change at short notice.

You will still receive a Flood Alert and Flood Warning however it may come earlier or later than it would do under the normal approach, and it will include less detail. As a community flood group you may wish to increase your monitoring of local watercourses during times of prolonged rainfall and look at what local triggers you could use to activate your flood plan. You will still be able to contact the Flood Warning Duty Officer on the number in your community flood plan.

Due to staff availability over the Christmas break please direct any questions or queries to:


Kind regards,

Flood Resilience Team

Flooding Alert Notice from Milton Keynes Council showing a warning sign and a list of things to do in a flood.l Note from the Town Council: Flooding 2020
Our thoughts are with the residents who are still experiencing hardship following the December floods. We are continuing to work with Milton Keynes Council and the Environment Agency.

If you are worried about flooding you should check flood warnings and follow advice at: https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/plan-ahead-for-flooding 

Flooding Emergency: What Should I Do? To see the document that Milton Keynes Council have produced detailing what to do in a flooding emergency please click here.  

Government Information: Check here if your area is at risk of flooding and take steps to protect your property now. You can also sign up for flood alerts: https://www.gov.uk/prepare-for-flooding. 

Request for information about flooded houses
Milton Keynes Council is requesting information about affected houses to help them investigate the flood. They want to know which houses in Stony parish were affected. Apparently they've had about 40 households respond but suspect there's more they don't know about. If you have been affected and you're happy to give your details, please submit your name, address and contact information to the Stony Town Council Clerk, Lynne Compton: office@stonystratford.gov.uk. Thank you. 

To see a copy of the Stony Stratford Town Council Flooding Press Statement issued on 13th January 2021 please click here. 

Stony Stratford Flood Survey
Milton Keynes Council are collecting survey data to confirm their understanding of the flood extent and flood response. If you have previously completed an Environment Agency survey, there is no need to complete this survey. 

You can answer the questions online at https://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/flooding-survey. Please email LLFA@milton-keynes.gov.uk if you would like a hard copy of the survey to be posted to you. Once complete, simply pop it back to us at the FREEPOST address below. No stamp is required. 

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