Community Groups

If you are a community group you may find the following information useful.

For advice and news on how the voluntary and community sector in Milton Keynes can cope with Coronavirus please see the Community Action MK information below:

Community Action MK

Community Action MK have produced a guide for where you can find help with key issues such as food, medication, homelessness, young people, loneliness etc. Please go to to access this information and to find out who to contact for help. 

We at Community Action: MK are providing and streamlining our services in response to the Covid - 19 crisis through a coordinated volunteering and support services programme.

This means that we will have potential volunteers that want to help and don't know where to go. If you are able to provide a main point of contact for your group, then we can add this to our database and help to match up potential volunteers.

We are also able to provide your group with some support and guidance regarding how you are operating safely, whether this be on the ground work or through virtual means.

Here is a link to our resources page for groups in light of the Covid - 19 crisis that you might find useful.

We are also posting daily updates and information on our website and our social media channels here: Facebook / Twitter

If you would like to sign up to our Weekly Newsletter to keep up to date with the latest news, information and guidance corresponded by organisations in the Voluntary and Community Sector, click here

If you have any further questions, would like any further guidance or would simply like to chat about what your group does and if you need any other support our contact details are as follows:

Telephone: 01908 661623
For volunteering: 

Many thanks and stay safe.

Community Action: MK Team

Is Your Group Eligible for Emergency Funding?      

Covid-19 Emergency Response Funding Now Available
This is an uncertain time for all of us.As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact on many people’s lives, many face not only fears of falling ill but also losing their livelihoods as economies around the world are hit hard by the crisis. This is no different in Milton Keynes.If you are a group working with vulnerable people, hit harder by the pandemic, we are here for you.In partnership with Milton Keynes Council, MK Community Foundation has launched Covid-19 MK Emergency Response Appeal to generate much needed funds to support local community groups who are most affected and vulnerable at this time. Great news is that the funding is available immediately. Click here for further details. 

The Covid-19 MK Emergency Response Appeal, which was launched by MK Council and MK Community Foundation to support local charities and community groups helping vulnerable people through the coronavirus outbreak, has already raised £137,000 and supported 27 organisations.
The appeal aims to reach £400,000 by the end of July and all the money donated will be distributed to groups in Milton Keynes who play a vital part in supporting vulnerable people, such as Age UK and The Food Bank.

Donations can be made online here.
Click here if you're a community group looking to apply for funding.

Funding Opportunities
Various funding streams have become available to tackle issues that have arisen during COVID-19. For full details of the opportunities please click here. 

Data Protection & Community Groups
The ICO have published a blog: Community groups and COVID-19: what you need to know about data protection, to assist you in comunicating with your group in these difficult times. As COVID-19 continues to sweep across the UK, more and more people are driven to help the most vulnerable in our communities. Church groups, neighbourhood and residents associations are being set up to support the work of existing community groups, services and charities.

Often, these groups need to handle sensitive personal information and share it with others. And that means taking account of data protection law.
If you’ve just formed a community group, this may be the first time you’ve had to think about data protection. Put simply, the law is a set of sensible standards that will help you handle people’s information responsibly. That means taking proper care of things like people’s names and addresses as well as more sensitive details about their health or religion.

Crucially, data protection rules will not stop you from helping those in need.

This blog is intended to clarify some of the basics of data protection, and to give established community groups, services and charities clarity on how to apply the law in this extraordinary time. To read a copy of the Blog visit: Community groups and COVID-19: what you need to know about data protection

The ICO have also published a Q and As for organisations that might help you. If you still need help, they are there to answer your questions, please call them on 0303 123 1113.