Christmas Lantern Project

The Christmas Lanterns project is organised by York House. Families are invited to attend lantern-making workshops made affordable by generous grants from SSTC and other bodies. Some years ago, the number of lanterns had to be capped at a magnificent 270! Lantern-making starts in November.

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Shout-Out for Lantern Volunteers!
The Lantern Project relies almost exclusively on Volunteers to help organise and run the workshops and the procession.  We are always on the lookout for new Volunteers to help run the project.  If you have some time to spare (even just a few hours) and fancy donning one of our lovely purple t-shirts and joining the Lantern Volunteers then please contact Fiona on 01908 563361 or .

York House Centre gratefully acknowledges financial assistance from Stony Stratford Town Council, Stony Stratford Business Association, Milton Keynes Community Foundation and the York House LocalGiving.Com Fund for this project.