Members Interests and Allowances

All the Councillors are elected volunteers. They each take part in different meetings throughout the year. Their attendance is based on all the meetings they are appointed to take part in.


In May 2007, Stony Stratford Town Council was awarded Quality Council Status. This was superceded in January 2015 by the Local Council Award Scheme and the Town Council is accredited at foundation level. This allows Town Councillors to claim an allowance of £531 (£1,062 for the Chair). It is an individual member’s decision as to whether he or she claims the allowance.

It is for the Town Council to set its own allowances taking into account giuidance provided by the Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) convened periodically by the principal authority, Milton Keynes Council. Allowances are set in accordance with the provisions of the Local Authorities (Members Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003 and subsequent amendments. For a copy of the most recent IRP report please see here.

Members' allowances for the previous financial year are published in the Annual Report. For a copy of the latest Annual Report please see here.

Members’ Code of Conduct/Register of Interests

The Localism Act 2011 revoked the previous standards regime and introduced, from July 1 2012, revised regulations that cover members’ behaviour in fulfilling their roles as councillors. The regulations require that ‘Every “relevant authority”(including Town and Parish Councils) must promote and maintain high standards of conduct by elected and co-opted members.’

The Town Council has a Code of Conduct that sets out the standards of behaviour that should be expected of your elected Town Council members. This code can be viewed here.

When you believe a breach of the code has taken place and a complaint needs to be made, this should be reported to the Monitoring Officer at Milton Keynes Council, who has responsibility for the conduct of town and parish councillors as well as MKC members.

As part of the code of conduct, Councillors are required to lodge details of their disclosable pecuniary interests. These records are publicly available and can be viewed here (they can also be viewed at the office).

Representatives on outside bodies

To see a list of outside bodies that councillors are representatives on please click here