Councillor Profiles

Cllr Roy Adams
Ward: Galley Hill
Date first joined the council: 5/15/2018
Why did you become a councillor? Being active in the local Galley Hill Residents Association, I found that, when one of the councillors for the ward resigned, I had the time and opportunity to further serve the local community, especially the people of Galley Hill Ward. I believed that my previous experience in finance, business management and voluntary organisations could prove useful to the council.
Committee membership: Planning Committee and Finance and Human Resources Committee.

Alderman Paul Bartlett
Ward: Stony Stratford South West
Date first joined the council: I have been elected several times.
Re-elected onto the Council: 5/1/2016
Why did you become a councillor? I was a former MKC Borough Councillor and I wanted to become a Town Councillor because I care.
Committee membership: Planning Committee and Projects Committee.

Cllr Bianca Bendig-Ceesay
Ward: Fullers Slade
Date first joined the council: End of 2019
Why did you become a councillor? I moved to Fullers Slade in 2001 and have been an active part of the Fullers Slade Residents Association since 2015. I wanted to give the residents on my estate another vehicle to make their voice heard and to impact decisions made regarding the future of Fullers Slade and it’s Stony Stratford surroundings.
Committee membership: Projects Committee and Finance and Human Resources Committee. 

Cllr Simon Cherrill
Ward: Fullers Slade
Date first joined the council: 5/1/2016
Why did you become a councillor? I have lived in Stony Stratford since 1988. As a resident I have always been a keen advocate of both Milton Keynes and Stony Stratford, supporting the listing of the original shopping centre and objecting to the inclusion of Area 11 as part of the WEA. Following my involvement with the Save Cofferidge Close and Neighbourhood Plan Steering Groups I was invited to stand for election in Fullers Slade Ward, with a focus on helping the residents navigate their way through the regeneration process.
Committee membership: Planning Committee (Chair). 

Cllr Mike Dore
Ward: Stony Stratford North
Date first joined the council: January 2023
Why did you become a councillor? I moved to Stony Stratford over twenty years ago to work as a solicitor at a National house builder. I have enthusiastically watched, and been involved in  Stony Stratford’s development of local community facilities and activities. Having retired I now have more time to support the work of the Town Council. My particular interest is in initiating, encouraging or supporting self run social activities which bring people together.
Committee membership: Planning Committee.

Cllr Alex Kidd
Ward: Stony Stratford South East
Date first joined the council: August 2021
Why did you become a councillor? Having recently moved to Stony Stratford I decided that I would like to become more involved in the community. As an experienced parish councillor within Milton Keynes I feel that I have something to offer to the council going forward. I am keen to become involved in all aspects of the council’s work as we work together to keep Stony Stratford special.
Committee Membership: Finance & Human Resources Committee. 

Cllr Paul Randall
Ward: Galley Hill 
Date first joined the council: 6/5/2021
Why did you become a councillor? Moving to Stony Stratford with my new wife Janet in 1973 from the towns in Mid  Bucks that we had grown up in was a big step,but work opportunities and significantly better housing in the New City saw us move into our new Galley Hill house in June of that year. We quickly grew to love the town and  found it offered all we needed and more, for our growing family and we have remained here ever since. 
Recently after retirement and with more time on my hands I became involved with The GHRA and some of the the local issues, and have tried to help out and give a  bit back to the area where possible.Becoming a councillor will i am sure enable me to do more for Stony Stratford town as well as allowing me to continue helping the Galley Hill & Fullers Slade area's with problems that may arise over the coming years. If residents feel I could help them, please contact me through SSTC either by phone or on the Web page where my contact details can be found.
Committee Membership: Planning Committee and Projects Committee. 

Cllr Tom Welch
Ward: Stony Stratford South West
Date first joined the council: 7/21/2020
Why did you become a councillor? I moved to Stony Stratford Parish with my family 25 years ago and have remained, apart from periods away for study, ever since. I think it’s a magnificent town and have loved watching it develop.  I am now thrilled to be brining up my young family here. I have always had a huge sense of civic duty – I was a school governor in the Parish and remain one at another local school – Im pleased to be part of the team looking out for our community during these very challenging times.
Committee membership: Finance & Human Resources Committee, Planning Committee and Projects Committee;