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How to get in touch with your town councillors

Outside of Stony Stratford Library showing the front entrance, Library sign, hanging baskets and flower beds in front of the library Click here to find out which area (Ward) you live in and who your councillors are.  It is best to contact either Lynne Compton, Karen Hiser or Melanie Hyde at the office with your details. We will forward them to your councillors and they will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Come and visit us at our office

Stony Stratford Town Council
The Library
5-7 Church Street
Stony Stratford
MK11 1BD

tel:  01908 566726           
fax: 01908 566726 or 562562

Lynne Compton
Town Clerk email:

Melanie Hyde
Information Officer email:

Karen Hiser
Deputy Town Clerk email:

Opening hours:  Monday – Friday 10am-3pm

Either come through the library or via our Church Mews entrance at the back of the building. Please note that you can only use the Church Mews entrance on Mondays as the library will be closed.