Summer Waste & Dog Bin Maintenance

Thu 28 May 2020 - posted by Melanie Hyde

Stony Stratford Town Council is aware there is currently a high number of people taking advantage of outside spaces and recreational areas around the town; in particular, the Mill Field and Calverton Road car park. Consequently, we are experiencing an unusually high level of litter being deposited in and around the bins.

The Mill Field and Tombs Meadow is managed by The Parks Trust. Calverton Road car park including riverside walk is the responsibility of Milton Keynes Council and monitored by the Town Council. Each organisation is doing its best to respond to the situation on their land. On top of this, during the summer months (June, July, August), MKC litter management on the Mill Field is augmented by weekly litter picks organised by Stony Stratford Town Council.

Bins in the parish belong either to, and are emptied by, Stony Stratford Town Council or Milton Keynes Council. Each bin is clearly marked with the appropriate logo.

Whilst we would advise that people take their litter home with them as far as possible, the bins are emptied regularly. The Stony Stratford Town Council dog bins are emptied twice a week, and the Town Council litter bins are emptied once a week, with some more heavily used Town Council litter bins being emptied twice a week.

If you think a bin belonging to Stony Stratford Council has not been emptied for more than a week, then please contact the Town Council offices to let us know.

If you see a Milton Keynes Council bin that is full, then please contact Milton Keynes Council direct by using the ‘Report it’ button on their website homepage, or by telephoning 01908 691691.

If you observe behaviour you consider to be anti-social, then please contact Thames Valley Police using the number 101.

Thank you for your understanding during these unusual times. We really appreciate your help in keeping our town beautiful.