Redevelopment of 5-7 Church Street Update and Survey

Sat 30 Nov 2019 - posted by Melanie Hyde

Stony Stratford Town Council Premises Consultation

Investing in our community


As part of the continued investment in the future of the town, Stony Stratford Town Council is considering major improvements to the 5-7 Church Street building to ensure the building and library are ‘future-proofed’. 

Consultation was carried out in 2014 on the Council’s aspirations for the building through a series of workshops with residents, businesses and organisations, together with regular updates in the Town Crier.  Further consultation was carried out in 2017.  In the light of that consultation, the Council has decided to go for a less substantial project.  The findings of the consultation and identified issues are summarised below together with the improvements which will be carried out to address the issues and points raised in the consultation:



Insufficient space downstairs for the ever-expanding Children’s Library and events

Move staircase from the centre to the side of the building increasing the floor area

Insufficient number of suitable locations for indoor community events capable of seating up to 100 people

As above.  This will increase the first-floor area

Inadequate storage

Proposed scheme will have additional storage for chairs and tables

Failing doors and a tired entrance which allows heat to escape which contributes to the high energy bills and poor Government Energy Performance Rating of ‘D’.

Newly designed entrance with improved doors

Evacuation space on the first-floor does not meet current building regulations

New evacuation space

Dated décor and carpets

More modern décor and suitable flooring

Low ceiling on the ground floor

Seek to heighten ceiling (subject to structural engineer report)

Inadequate catering facilities

New kitchen with dishwasher and modern cooker for events on first floor (subject to cost)

A more modern library: As this Council is investing in the building, Milton Keynes Council Libraries Service have also committed to invest in the Stony Stratford Library facilities by providing more modern furniture and bookshelves.

A more environmentally friendly building: In addition to these proposals, we are seeking funding from planning gain (from the Elizabeth House development), to install photovoltaics on the roof (in liaison with the MKC Conservation Officer, to be sympathetic with the surroundings)

How much will all this cost? The Council has sought professional opinion on the potential cost of the project and will have to tender for the work. However, the Council has agreed to borrow no more than £200,000 to cover the costs.

How will the council finance it?  We will need to borrow money from the Public Works Loan Board (as we did for improvements to the allotments).  The current rate of interest for a loan over 30 years is 3.12% and will cost £10,212.26 per annum (higher than previously quoted figures due to PWLB loan rate increase).  To cover the cost of the loan, we will need to increase the precept by £12,000 (PWLB loan plus contingency which will be added to earmarked reserves for the future upkeep).  Based on a Band D property, this will cost Council tax-payers in Stony Stratford, Fullers Slade and Galley Hill (based on the 2020/21 number of council tax paying households of 2552.56), an additional £4.70 per household per annum (equivalent to £0.39 pence per month/£0.09 pence per week).

How long will the building be closed for?  Approx. 6 months.  The Town Council will seek to minimise disruption to its services as part of the contract.  However, temporary relocation might be necessary. 

How will I access Library Services?  Whilst the Library is closed, Milton Keynes Council Libraries Service will provide a mobile library in the Market Square, alternatively you can use any of the other libraries e.g. Wolverton, Westcroft, Newport Pagnell.    

To help us understand your views, please answer the questions in our questionnaire and let us know if you have any other comments.  To complete the questionnaire online, please go to: Thank you for your time. 

Please return completed questionnaires by Friday 17th January 2020.

A hard copy of the questionnaire is available in your Winter 2019 issue of The Town Crier. Alternatively, you can download a hard copy here

Paper copies to: The Library@5-7 Church Street, Stony Stratford MK11 1BD (if the Library is shut, please use the letter box to the side of the main Library doors) or

 via email to

Thank you.