Pollution Incident on the River Ouse

Mon 2 Jul 2018 - posted by Melanie Hyde

Please find below a message from the Environment Agency regarding a pollution incident in the River Ouse:

Fisheries Officers are continuing to investigate a pollution affecting a 25km stretch of the River Ouse between Brackley and Thornborough Mill.

A number of dead fish have been reported and officers are on the ground recording evidence and collecting water samples to understand the environmental impact. Due to the nature of the pollution, understood to be detergent, there is no action we can take to remove or stop it however, the further it travels the more dilute it will become.   
Currently we don’t believe there is a risk to humans or other animals (pets and livestock) however as a precaution we recommend that people stay out of the River Ouse and keep pets and livestock away from the river between Brackley and Milton Keynes until we have completed our investigation.  We would also advise anglers not to fish in it sections of the river if there appears to be a pollution.
If members of the public see any large areas of foam or smell anything unusual in the river they are advised to contact our emergency hotline number 0800 80 70 60.