Parking Review: Volunteers needed for Wednesday 26th June 2019

Tue 4 Jun 2019 - posted by Melanie Hyde

Parking Review: Volunteers needed for Wednesday 26th June 2019:

As you might already be aware (from articles in the Town Crier Newsletter), the Town Council is undertaking a Highways and Parking Review in Stony Stratford.   As part of this project (to mitigate costs), volunteers are needed to do surveys (under supervision) of cars parked to determine the number of spaces occupied and duration of their stay.  These surveys consist of beats at 30-minute intervals between 7 am and 7 pm on Wednesday 26th June 2019, beat intervals may be increased subject of number of surveyors available.  The details are as follows:

1. Safe works plan circulated to all volunteers in advance of Weds 26th June.

2. Weds 26th June 2019: Timings will be determined on availability, but to give an idea, if you are doing the first shift,  you will need to meet at the library at 06:30am to receive survey sheets/maps, safety vests and instructions etc.

3. The Town Council Office in the Library@5-7 Church Street will be the central hub for volunteers and the Town Council will provide light refreshments: tea, coffee, squash/water & biscuits and use of the toilet facilities.  Council staff will be on hand to assist.

4. The parking study area is to be split into manageable parking zones.

5. Each volunteer will head to their specified parking zones and start the survey throughout the day from 07:00am onwards.

6. Frequency of parking beats to be determined nearer the time.

7. The contractors will provide a ‘floating’ person to provide relief cover if necessary

8. During each beat the last 3 digits of the registration plate for each vehicle present is to be entered into the table provided. This way we will be able to monitor the number of cars parked in each zone, and also the approximate duration of their stay.

9. Meet at the library at the end to hand back results.

If you are able to help, please email: with your preferred contact details and what time(s) you are able to commit to by return and not later than Monday 17th June 2019. Thank you. Once we know availability, you will receive an email confirming areas and training.  Your help with this is much appreciated.