Gully Cleaning Schedule 2017-2019

Thu 10 Aug 2017 - posted by Melanie Hyde

The gully cleaning schedule for 2017-2019 is available to view on Milton Keynes Council website – to check when your area/s will be cleaned click on the link below:

Please note: if any vehicles are parked over the drain covers on the day, the gully cleaning vehicle will not be able to clean the gully and will move on to the next available drain. The vehicle will not revisit the site.

It is essential that residents are aware of this and the month that their area is scheduled for cleaning and they do not park their vehicles over the drain covers. There should be a distance of 2m clearance on either side of the drain to allow the equipment to access the drain.

An A5 leaflet will be distributed to residents ahead of these works - see a copy of this here.

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