Completed Traffic and Parking Review

Thu 9 Jan 2020 - posted by Melanie Hyde

Neighbourhood Plan (NHP) Initiatives: Traffic and Parking Review Completed!  

We are pleased to let you know, the final report has now been published and is available here.   

For a copy of the appendices for the study please click here

Next Steps: The study now gives the required evidence base to enable Stony Stratford Town Council to legitimately discuss with Milton Keynes Council items that could potentially be implemented in their future highways programme (subject to cost and public consultation). We are holding a Neighbourhood Plan Initiatives Group meeting to discuss the    recommendations further. In the meantime, the Business Association have been approached regarding                 enhancements (due to new technology) to the current parking map.

Once again, a huge thank you to all those volunteers (you know who you are!) who helped with the survey which formed part of the review.