Fullers Slade Resident's Association

The Fullers Slade Residents Association (FSRA) was formed at an inaugural meeting on 13th October 2015, with support from MK Council's Community Partnership Team. The Association is run by residents from the estate for the benefit of all the residents of Fullers Slade.

The objectives of the FSRA are to develop a Fullers Slade Community, to give all residents a sense of place, to organise fun events, to be a voice in any regeneration, to cooperate with other organisations in tackling estate issues and to deal with estate cleanliness and environmental matters.

Fullers Slade Residents Association holds events for the community
Fullers Slade Residents Association holds fabulous events for the local community

The FSRA can be contacted in the following ways:

By email: fullers.slade.ra@gmail.com
Postal address: Fullers Slade Residents Association, c/o Rowans Centre, 13A moorfoot, Fullers Slade, Milton Keynes, MK11 2BD.
On Facebook page: Fullers Slade Community Links - http://ow.ly/TxQ9t
Or on Twitter: @FullersSladeRA