Physical Wellbeing



Staying active during the Coronavirus pandemic, wherever possible, is now more important than ever for your physical wellbeing. Exercise will also help with your mental wellbeing as well.

The NHS have examples of simple exercises that you can do at home. Please click here for details. These are ideal if you're not very active but want to improve your health, lift your mood and remain independent. Don't worry if you haven't done much for a while. These exercises are easy and gentle, and can be done indoors.

There are a wealth of free on-line exercise options at this time to choose from that are both suitable for adults and children. Search for indoor exercise on the Internet or YouTube. Many of the options are videos that you can exercise along to which will make it much more fun!

For example we have found this list of 25 exercises and indoor you can do with children: see here

Further to the Prime Minister's address on 10th May, the government has published staying safe outside your home for guidance on what the new rules will mean. These will take effect on Wednesday, 13th May. This page sets out key FAQS to inform the public and let you know what you can and can't do to help you prepare for these changes

For new guidance on spending time outdoors please click here

Milton Keynes Council’s play areas are closed for the foreseeable future. Please do your part and stay away. Parks and open spaces remain open for outdoor exercise. Please practise social distancing within these areas to ensure that they remain open for all.


Use of the parks
Whilst some restrictions on park usage have been lifted, The Parks Trust would like to remind everyone to please stay safe in the parks and follow the latest Government guidelines. Please find their latest updates below;

From Wednesday 13th May 2020 guidance is that you may;

- spend time outdoors – for example sitting and enjoying the fresh air, picnicking, or sunbathing
- meet one other person from a different household outdoors - following social distancing guidelines
- exercise outdoors as often as you wish - following social distancing guidelines
- use outdoor sports courts or facilities, such as a tennis or basketball court, or golf course – with members of your household, or one other person while staying 2 metres apart
- At all times, you should continue to observe social distancing guidelines when you are outside your home, including ensuring you are 2 metres away from anyone outside your household.

You cannot use an outdoor gym or playground or gather in a group of more than two (excluding members of your own household).

You can travel to outdoor open space irrespective of distance. 

If you feel unwell, or anyone in your household has symptoms, The Parks Trust ask that you please do not attend any of their parks and follow the government advice to self-isolate.

Please see The Parks Trust statement for more details and for details of any parks that will remain closed: