StonyWords! was born in 1995 to brighten our lives during the dark January days.

You can expect: talks, quizzes, exhibitions, films, poetry (including election of the Bard of Stony Stratford), children’s events, films, songwriter homage, and, of course, haggis. There may be workshops and demonstrations, chances to meet authors and illustrators, and musical events.

WOULD YOU like to put something on at the next StonyWords!? Anything vaguely to do with books, poetry, drama, and even music, will be welcome, AND we can help you find a venue for your event. Email to sign up or for more information.

This year's event will be held from 23rd January to 4th February 2018. Please go to our Whats On section for details of the individual events or visit 

The Bardic Trials - Choosing the next 'Bard of Stony Stratford'